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Note: the process of verifying and rebuilding ROMs is complex and requires a substantial investment of time and effort in order to master.

If your goal is to have working arcade ROMs, it is almost always simpler to download a full ROM set that has already been verified to match the arcade emulator you chose.

If you find that one of the examples presented here works with a different combination of compiler/OS, please drop me a note and I will include this in my post.

]Author: Graham Bennetttests a number of APIs for the xml Writer, especially the various methods to write to a filename, to a memory buffer, to a new document, or to a subtree.

In this NSRegular Expression tutorial, you will implement code to search for patterns in text, replace those matches with whatever you wish, validate user input information, and find and highlight complex strings in a block of text.

In addition, I’ll give you a handy NSRegular Expression Cheat Sheet PDF that you can print out and use as reference as you’re developing, and a Swift playground which contains a load of examples that you can use to try out lots of different regular expressions!

As I explore myself some of the newest features of the standard, I plan to blog about my progress and hopefully help other people to start learning C 11.

I will start a series of short tutorials in which I will present one feature of the language at a time illustrated with working, complete, examples.

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