Carbon dating falacy on radiocarbon dating

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Little did I know that one day one of his favorite puzzles–the doublet–would become useful to me in thinking about evolution. It is based on either a misunderstanding or a misrepresentation of what evolution is all about. The attack concerns an interview I gave recently to an Australian radio talk show.

The challenge of a doublet is to turn one word into another. "No, I think maybe you didn’t hear how the puzzle works–" "I mean, what comes in between? The Aussies called me up to talk about President Bush’s endorsement of discussing Intelligent Design in schools.

“It helps us understand how the carbon cycle works, which is important for understanding future global warming scenarios,” she said.

“Ultimately, a lot of the carbon dioxide that we’re pumping into the atmosphere is going to end up in the ocean.

My brother Ben is now a respectable consultant for the Oxford English Dictionary, but when he was a kid, he was a puzzle freak, pure and simple. It’s just a completely separate word on its own." "But then there’s OPT–" "OPT? That’s a lot like MAN." "Sure," your friend says, rolling his eyes. " Is he really not getting it, you might ask yourself, or is he just pretending not to understand what I’m saying?

In fourth grade he’d spend hours paging through a big unabridged Webster’s, looking for obscure words that he could use to create a fiendish rebus. That’s how I felt when someone sent me an email to tip me off about an attack at the creationist web site Answers in Genesis.

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For example, if you present them with the fact that coral reefs grow much too slowly to have formed in the past 4,500 years (their calculated time since the supposed world-wide flood), they will say, “well, you’re that layers only form annually.” Most infamously, when faced with the realization that radiometric dating completely obliterates the notion of a young earth, they choose to ignore that evidence because scientists are, “ a constant rate of decay/the amount of material in the original rock.” These blind dismissals of evidence are often accompanied by a rhetorical, “were you there?

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” The problem is that creationists are misusing the term “assumption,” and, as usual, are completely misconstruing how science actually works.

As I will demonstrate, coral growth rates, radioactive decay rates, etc. Rather, they are the conclusions of simple inductive logic.

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