Lipstick dating

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I worked through the fear that being single made me inadequate and got comfortable with it.

When I met my current partner, I decided I’d rather risk things not working out over my feminism than compromise it.

When a guy groped me in a park on a first date, a friend recommended I give him a chance because it could’ve been a misunderstanding. I ignored my nagging feeling that I wasn’t getting what I wanted, believing that would be too much to ask. I decided that if being in a relationship required hiding my feminism and putting up with sexism, I’d rather just be single.

When a boyfriend ignored my complaints about pain during sex and kept going, a therapist told me that men can’t help themselves. So, I spent a year deprioritizing dating and focusing on my career.

My inbox filled with messages like: “Do you not like boys? ” “Feminism ignores the oppression that’s been imposed on men for centuries.” I ended up on dates with seemingly progressive people who made comments like “well, men do have spatial skills” and “but hijabs are oppressive.” People told me I shouldn’t be too picky.

They said I was splitting hairs by reconsidering relationships over things like this.

Before you roll your eyes at the mere mention of a made-up holiday clearly targeted toward the comfortably coupled-up, take a step back. The cult-favorite makeup brand has teamed up with O. dating site Match to release a limited-edition liquid lipstick, Mwah, a lush red that leaves lips perfectly matte.The actress, who is currently filming in Australia, posted a snap over dinner last night with her new rumored paramour sporting—what else? This is, after all, a woman who can conjure Playboy bunny levels of sensuality or Hollywood screen-siren glamour at will—all with the help of a carefully painted crimson mouth.The advancement of the long-lasting, kiss-proof lipstick mark is surely not lost on Heard, lending the moment a fittingly retro spark.I wear lipstick for other women, not for men,” the leader of the straight-girl pack stated, as if it she were reciting the official heterosexual woman's mission statement.The rest of the team nodded their heads in silent solidarity.

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